R150_Single-family house, La Pera

R140_Housing building, Parets del Vallès

R130_Single-family house, Begur

R120_Single-family house, Begur (2)

R110_Interior and rooftop renovation, Can Caralleu, Barcelona

2016-2018 Can Caralleu, Barcelona A one floor apartment with a rooftop in a privileged place, in the highest zone of Can Caralleu, with views all over Barcelona. The house, was originally too divided to take profit from the potentialities of the place (light, visuals and space). The purpose of the intervention is to transform the […]

R100_House extension, Sant Cugat del Vallès

R090_Facade renovation in Av Sarrià, Barcelona

R080_Single-family house extension in Sant Andreu de LLavaneres

R070_Country house renovation, Torroella de Montgrí

R065_Interior renovation in c/ Bori i Fontestà, Barcelona

R060_Interior renovation in c/ Secretario Coloma, Barcelona

R050_Interior renovation, Madrid

R046_Apartment renovation in c/ Francesc Pérez Cabrero, Barcelona

R045_Row house renovation, Sant Feliu de Codines

R044_Apartment renovation in c/ Plató, Barcelona

R040_Apartment renovation in c/ Ravella, Barcelona

R030_House renovation, Sant Pere de Ribes

R020_Interior renovation in c/ Avinyó, Barcelona

R015_Rooftop renovation in c/ Marqués de Mulhacén, Barcelona

R008_Interior renovation in c/ Marqués de Mulhacén, Barcelona

R006_Interior renovation in c/ Valencia, Barcelona

R004_Interior renovation in c/ Sagués, Barcelona

R002_12 apartments housing building in Plaza Prim, Barcelona